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    PRE WORKOUT Bodybuilding Gym Energy Supplement - ProjectAD Stampede STIM

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    Stampede-Stim ensures you receive clean, unrelenting energy to dominate your workouts, crushing every obstacle that lies in your wake with the lazer-like focus you receive from each serving. From the first until the, last set Stampede-Stim allows you to sustain maximum concentration to crush the task at hand.

    An intricate, uncompromising stimulant blend that causes no crashes, Stampede-Stim is able to effectively amplify and prepare your central nervous system for insane intensity, whilst ensuring that you're not tossing in bed at night with a come-down that others on the market exude. Every effort has been made to provide a product that is focused on quality raw ingredients and ethical dosages of effective stimulants.

    A small 2 gram serving of Glucidex is able to effectively raise performance levels without inhibiting fat burning.

    No-Compromise Pre Workout Intensifier for Untamed performance

    The market for pre-workout supplements is pretty much a mess. A contradiction of sugar-filled, under-dosed mixtures that leave you a zoned-out crash zombie, unable to burn fat as fuel or just plain wired only long after your training is done. Wouldn't it be amazing to find a truly 'hardcore' new partner who was as stimulating as they advertise, but didn't cause you to crash and burn when the reality of their messed up natures revealed themselves? Let us introduce you to STAMPEDE-STIM – the formula that gets as hardcore as you want but isn't just a mess.

    Have you ever seen a stampede? It's a terrifying force of nature, where typically slow-moving individuals move together in a raging fury, pushing each other, flowing like a tidal wave of living things, crushing everything in it's path. Stampedes occur when effects snowball, starting with small events that result in enormous avalanches of immense, untamed power.

    We think that's a pretty good metaphor for what you're about to experience with STAMPEDE-STIM. It's a small package, that once unleashed, will leave you charging through the opposition and laying waste to the weights room – you will truly TRAIN LIKE A BEAST!

    STAMPEDE-STIM is a formula we've worked on for a while – though every company has thrown out a pre-workout in the past decade, we've always been wary of following the crowd and producing, 'me-too' copycats. So when it came to building the 'ultimate' intensifier we took into account what our elite clientèle are actually doing and what you need and don't need.

    Our philosophy is to make products modular and stackable – not every athlete is the same cookie-cutter user – so you need to be able to add in what you need in certain situations and change over when that situation develops. So the first thing we did was ditch all the unwanted sugars and fillers. Many users need a powerful stimulating aid to focus/endurance/strength without impacting their macros. (For those who need a powerful carb formula, you can stack in RAGING FULL, used as directed and away from your STAMPEDE-STIM first dose and you're going to see amazing bulking/maximum performance results.) So the STAMPEDE-STIM formula doesn't result in that weird over-hyped rush followed by the dreaded crash. Imagine clean, controlled, consistent energy levels – just above your normal limits, with no worry that you're suddenly going to turn into something out of the Walking Dead after the next big set. When we say you will TRAIN HARDER FOR LONGER – we mean just that.

    Now you do need a very small amount of carbohydrate to ensure your stimulant delivery is maximized, so along with a potent blend of uptake maximizers, we included just 2grams of Glucidex – a scientifically backed amount to ensure you get jacked up fast, but small enough that you won't experience sugar crash or have any inhibition of fat burning.

    Of course, get to the real raging heart of the Stampede and you find our Stimulant formula blend flattens the idea of compromise. Real ingredients, the finest quality and most importantly compared to many of our competitors, actual Stimulating levels. No pathetic sprinkles of ingredients that do nothing for focus, energy and endurance, just to look good. This is a lean, mean, stimulating machine. In a serving just 8 grams large, you get almost half of that as pure, unadulterated stimulating madness. You definitely SHOULD begin with a part dose, even though the serving seems tiny, you need to ensure you can handle the STAMPEDE-STIM level of intensity. What you can be sure of though is there will be no shaky crash and sudden lethargy with this particular rush.

    Don't judge a product on the size of the tub. You get a full 30 servings in that smaller than average compact form. Just remember there's no fillers, crap and excess sugar, no sprinkling of creatine or anything else stuck on just so the label can state something that in reality is too low-dosed to make any difference.

    STAMPEDE-STIM comes in classic COLA, and designed to be light, fresh and natural tasting and given we've excised all the junk, you'll find the tiny concentrated dose digests rapidly with no gastric distress (so no rushing to the bathroom mid-workout!)

    Whether you're planning on the ultimate fat shredding performance in that gym class, tearing through some new workout with record breaking numbers, taking on your ultimate rivals in the competitive field or you just need to ensure you are firing on all cylinders with no sleepy post-rush comedown – STAMPEDE-STIM is the product, nay, the 'EVENT' for you!



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