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    Iron Weight Plates Set 5KG 10KG 20KG 1" barbell 6ft Dumbbell Lifting Training

    Unit price  per 
    Prices are for individual items-pick from drop-down menu  (eg 10kg x 2 and you will receive 2 of the 10kg plates )

    D PRO T Sports range of weights and weight training bars, weight are from cast iron to the  bars are from the basic 6 ft bar to the curling , triceps and dumbbell bar, please choose items required from drop down menu 

    Weight plates in cast iron or vinal - available in our ebay shop 


    The barbells are made from chrome plated solid steel. with knurled grips at grasping  positions

    The barbells 6Ft ,4 Ft, Curling bar, Triceps bar and Dumbbell bars  have the spin-lock end to ensure the disc remains firmly secured onto the bar,

    All bars accommodate the standard 1"-25.4mm weight

    all bar sizes are approximate

    Please pick from the drop down menu as there are different variety of equipment at different prices 

    Dumbbell bar 18" 
    Set of 2 bars
    Length - 46 cms
    Bar weight - 1.7 kgs each


    6 ft Bar  
    Length - 180  cms (6 Ft)
    Maximum loading of barbell - 110 kgs
    Bar weight - 8.6 kgs


    4 ft Bar 
    Length - 120 cms (4 Ft)
    Maximum loading of barbell - 80 kgs
    Bar weight - 5.9 kgs


    Curling Bar
    Length - 120  cms (4 ft)
    Maximum loading of barbell - 120 kgs
    Bar weight - 4.8 kgs


    Tricep Bar 
    Collars on this model is Spin lock
    Length - 86  cms (33.86 inch)
    Maximum loading of barbell - 120 kgs
    Bar weight - 8 kgs


    All weights made from cast iron and have  the standard 1"-25.4mm opening to fit on most bars


    Please pick from the drop down menu as to which weight type you require

    Iron Weight  

    Option . 10kgs x 2 = 20 kgs Total

    Option . 5kgs x 2 = 10 kgs Total

    Option . 2.5kgs x 4 = 10 kgs Total

    Option . 2.5kgs x 4 and 1.25kgs x4  = 15 kgs Total

    Option . 1.25kgs x4  = 10 kgs Total




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